AMC is planned to be a distinctive media figure, housing Kazakhstan national radio and TV stations’ studios together with concert halls and office functions related to the media production.

The Center will occupy a prominent site in the capital’s administrative centre, on the axial ceremonial route from the Presidential Palace, situated between the significant administrative buildings, Railways HQ and the Ministry of Transportation.

Being the representative of media in Kazakhstan, the Media Center is located in the town center and planned to be a highly communicative with the city people, starting with the active Media fašade of the building.

Located on the boulevard and reached through the park on the other side, it is a welcoming and genuine building in terms of openness and clearness; strong in-out correlation enables a well-defined description before getting in the building and joins the continuity of city life. The building expresses the will for “communications for all” by opening itself to public view at all times.

Total Consruction Area of the building is 75.500m▓. Separate sections like studios (more then 7.000m▓ in total) and offices (total more then 21.000m▓ both in the 24 fl office tower and technical offices) preserve their exclusivity; each segment is emphasized in the integral form in a fluid scheme. Synergy born out of collective spaces reflects on the broadcasting understanding. As a symbolic language, the use of media fašade creates a visually legible dynamic ambiance with reference to the ongoing events in the building. In addition, the (1.000m▓) concert hall sophisticates the public use.

SEMBOL Construction of Turkey, who already completed many prestigious buildings in Kazakhstan, such as Astana Arena with Tabanlioglu Architects, has successfully completed the construction. Arch. Aytekin Gultekin partner of Sembol, based in Astana himself, organized the works closely. The project is already completed and the opening ceremony will take place on December 8th 2011.

Today’s colorful, fast moving and assertive image of the media is physically embodied by the architecture of Istanbul based office, TABANLIOGLU. Media Center is not only a significant building structure but also a synergetic operation model blended the in the daily life of Astana, linking Kazakhstan efficiently to the rest of the world.

Strongly perceived from afar and in diverse prospects, the building materializes as an eye-catching “sign”; AMC is the contemporary extension of Astana, being one of the unique media complexes in the world.

Site Area: 27.218m▓
Construction Area: 83.280m▓
2010 / astana