Asmacati Shopping and Meeting Point is a semi-open shopping facility in Balcova, inspired by the climate and Aegean tradition of spending time outdoors; it is not only a place to shop but also an enjoyable public space where people meet and have quality time. Asmacati SMP joins the city as a contemporary platform located between the sea, the mountain and the road trio; forming a lively “rest stop”, a link, between the permanent and temporary.

Asmacati provides room for social and cultural activities such as small concerts and exhibitions. Also through the young dynamic movement of campuses in the close vicinity, the center offers a vivacious ambiance. The festive atmosphere fosters natural encounters of divers people, Asmacati is expected to be the scene of the interesting moments.

Asmacati is a pleasant and popular place for students and all teens and for the people who live in Izmir and go to their summerhouses during weekends and holidays using highway, especially during the summer season. Asmacati shall ease and enrich the lives of Izmir citizens for immediate shopping before short holidays and as a meeting point for the people traveling together. Passing by, Izmir people will sincerely acquire the habit of having a break in Asmacati.

Compared to the rhythm of life in large cities, the Izmir community has warmer relations in a more relaxed life style; in today’s metropolis that is creating introvert individuals, Asmacati emphasizes the need for a reunion. The permeable space, granting access availability, motivates people to communicate in a multi-colored social pattern of a common area. In fast pace of life in the 21st century, it offers to be one of the informal ceremonial places of our era.

Within the framework of sustainability, public space, shopping and street life complement each other in an environment where dissimilar identities get together independent of age, gender and socio-economic differences. The democratic design approach proffers the possibility of intersection. In a smart local understanding that blends traditional and modern, visually and physically meeting with nature Asmacati establishes a unique relation with users.

With an extraverted architectural projection that integrates with the street, Aegean concept of spending pleasant time outdoors yet sheltered in the shade of an arbor, has been the originating point for Asmacati Shopping and Meeting Point project. With reference to the traditional gazebo model, generally, the tops or sides surrounded by ivy plants (usually grape leaves in Izmir - in Turkish “Asma” means both grapevine and suspending). A semi-covered space created by use of metal mesh inspired by leaves and ivies on the roof of the center. In the same manner, emphasis on creating a sense of arbour was supported by elements outside of the building.

Asmacati shopping facility which is to lead other similar projects creating an additional social and economical value, besides its aesthetic contribution to urban texture, harmonized with natural, social and built environment.  

In addition to the anchoring hypermarket store that will supply the needs for all fast moving consumer goods, 18 shops and restaurants designed in a boutique concept. The common ground of the visitor profile will be the friendly conversations of the Aegean Cost. Families will have a good time with their children with a variety of refreshment options and street cafes.

This meeting point, which bears the Aegean culture in harmony with the region’s rhythm of life and social habits, will keep the gazebo tradition alive so will easily be embraced and join the existing local elements. The center suggest an alternative shopping center concept.

Site Area: 22.763mē
Construction Area: 41.450mē
2010 / izmir