Dalaman Airport in the City of Mugla, which is situated in the middle of the most important tourism areas of Turkey, should be a new gate into Turkey in the 2000s.

The airport should be positioned in a very important spot with its 15-min distance to Gocek, one of the most important natural marinas of the earth, and 1-hour distance to Marmaris.
The current facilities consist of, unfortunately, the buildings not constructed according to a certain master plan in view of the requirements of the years ahead.

The first percepted building when entering into the Dalaman Airport area in Mugla through the west end of the land is the current international terminal building. The road running on in parallel to that building, which is contemplated to be converted into national terminal in the future, brings us to the area in which the new international terminal is contemplated to be built.

This construction of the current road system highlights  the perception of the northern front of the new terminal building first when looked at a distance in our design. Therefore, the northern front of the building plays an important role in our design. The principal element of this front is transparency. Incoming and outgoing passenger flow could be percepted even before the entry into the building from the outside.

The building consists of two main masses:

The structure consisting of 12.00m x 12.00m main axis system is made out of reinforced concrete except for wooden roof and steel connections.

The roof of the main building imposes a structure which is commanding over the main bridge building in entering into both air and ground sides and in running as eaves (in the ground side).

The big (two-storey) glassbox located in the entrance front of the building symbolizes the entrance and exit.

Airports are, in general, percepted mostly as complex buildings because of both their usage and technological and structural features. Emphasis in this work has been put on structuring studies designed to solve such negativities from the very beginning within the framework of their own logic. Airports are large buildings which incorporate many functions and which ensure contacts with other countries and which enliven many activities as organized even though this is short-lived. The fact that it is a large building highlights its structural features as well.

Construction Area: 90.000mē
1999 / mugla