The building which was constructed ten years ago as the Milliyet Printing Facilities was vacated two years ago when they moved to a new building specially constructed to assemble all of the newspaper and magazine groups in one location.

In the same manner it was decided to gather the studios of Dogan TV Group’s Kanal D, CNNTURK and ANS Studios, which were spread throughout various locations in Istanbul, in one building. The goal of this move was to create a combined synergy and to strengthen these institutions by merging their infrastructure without destroying their individual identity.

By converting the vacant printing facilities, without changing the projection of the site but by using three-dimensional additions, a new TV centre was organised.

The four-story transparent office block, with its reinforced concrete structure, houses the entrance hall, social units, VIP lounge, restaurant, exhibition space and street cafe on the ground floor, the technical companies of the various channels on the 1st floor, Kanal D on the 2nd floor and CNNTURK on the 3rd floor.

The fixed elements and panels placed on each floor were colour-coordinated with the related corporate identities, the furniture was specially designed for the building and the interior lighting was arranged with linear lighting elements perpendicular to the facade. 

The floors are connected to each other by an atrium fitted with metal stairs and panoramic elevators, and there are connections from the entrance hall and first floor to the studios.

The studios were designed around a main artery, starting with a northern entrance for their own artists and audiences, and connected to the offices at the other end. In the shared area is a cafe where artists and audiences can meet.

Eight studios of various sizes depending on needs, a carpentry workshop, a storage area and artists’ changing rooms were created, and these sections were connected to each other by means of a service corridor and unified with the stage management rooms on the mezzanine floor.

Approximately 1000 people work in this complex, which is the first of its kind in the Turkish television sector and an important experiment both from an architectural and an administrative perspective.

The positive synergy which has resulted from this amalgamation has already become apparent.

Site Area: 33.710 mē
Construction Area: 22.000 mē
2002 / istanbul