It was built on the road between Esenboga Airport and the City Center, for Dogan Media Group, which is the biggest in Turkey. Total construction site is 15.000 m2, situated on a land of 74.000 m2.

The printing center that was built for the purpose of delivering newspapers of Dogan Publishing Group, primarily Hurriyet and Milliyet, to readers in a quicker and easier manner, at possible best quality, used the construction technology that combined speed, quality and technology concepts.

The Center, having the most developed printing hall in Turkey accommodates a large bobbin store, delivery room, pre-press technical units and a VIP lounge.
An open office system is applied at pre-press unit. Thus it was planned to make communication and work flow among staff easier and quicker.

From point of view of the climatic conditions of Ankara and the architectural design, the exit for truck delivery was planned inside a “buffer” building at Ankara direction in order to keep the entire road green.

The cylindrical entrance tower, with glass and steel construction, is a dominant element in the overall silhouette of the building. A complete transparency was the main idea in the tower in integrity which steel stairs and glass shuttle-lift.
As the face cladding system, light aluminum panels between steel construction and aluminum ceiling was planned.

Site Area: 74.000 m2
Construction Area: 15.000 m2
1996 / ankara