Grey Groundscraper

The headquarters of the Dogan Media Group is located in Istanbul but to ensure prompt delivery of the company’s two popular daily newspapers, Hurriyet and Milliyet, they are printed in and distributed from a number of strategic locations in Turkey.

The Dogan Printing Centre in Izmir is, like its counterparts in Istanbul and Ankara, a large industrial ‘groundscraper’ that is organised around a 100 metres long by 16.5 metres wide linear print hall accomodating the state-of-the art printing press. The Izmir complex is strategically located on the outskirts of the city alongside a major highway and close to the airport.

The simple geometry of the building arises from the superimposition of  a production flow diagram upon a rational structural grid, resulting in two large rectangular ‘sheds’, accommodating the pre-print and post-print activities, flanking the print hall. The form is also  determined by the requirement for large flat floorplates and vehicle manouvering space.

Paper sourced from mills in Europe and Asia arrives by articulated lorries and is stored in the 11m high ‘bobbin’ store prior to being fed laterally into the printing press. At the culmination of the production process the pages are automatically collated at high speed before being transferred into the packing and dispatch area. It is a precisely synchronised operation with quality control mechanisms at several crucial nodes. A waiting fleet of vehicles distributes the completed newspaper to retail vendors in cities, towns and villages on the Aegean coast.

Between the print hall and the post-print block is a ‘breakout’ space in the form of rooftop garden. The linear space has a wooden deck and palm trees accessed from the staff dining room and administrative offices.

The strong horizontal emphasis in the architectural form expresses the function of the Printing Centre. The materials, mainly monochrome insulated metal panels, fair-faced concrete blockwork and high-level horizontal glazing, without superfuous embellishment, are similarly expressive of the building’s purpose. The built form, with its somewhat austere angular grey profile, has a close affinity to the product of the Bauhaus in the late 1920s.

Site Area: 35.000 m2
Construction Area: 17.000 m2
2007 / izmir