Seawards a multi-layered town

For making better cities today, we need to overlay different activities in the same space, as family activity once overlay working space; and we need to repair the collectivity of space to combat the serial time of modern labor; and re-build ceremonial and informal public spaces of our era.

The project land, currently occupied by industrial facilities and scattered housing units, carries the risk of transforming into a derelict region, unless an urgent urban planning is presented. On the other hand, the land has many advantages; neighboring Kartal, the alternative CBD of Istanbul; being by the sea and surrounded by greenery; and next to well-developed network of highways, railways and the secondary Airport of the city.

The project offers self-sufficient urban units of a mixed use approach as in the old Turkish towns, providing different urban and socio-economical probabilities and possibilities in a sustainable environment.

Site Area: 3.140.000 mē
Construction Area: 741.670 mē
2008 / istanbul