Smooth Connections

Esas is a young, dynamic and innovative "private equity company" holding one of major airlines of Turkey. The site is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, Kurtkoy, between two parallel roads one being the highway to Istanbul’s second international airport Sabiha Gokcen.  Besides the office and residential floors, one of the anchors of the building will be Pegasus Airlines, dedicated to their main sales and marketing office, owned by the investor. The main construction consists of 2 separate blocks with 7 and 9 floors, respective to the site topography.

The existing man-made environment is commonly low-profile residential buildings so that the quality of the new construction should bring a contemporary approach to neighborhood in terms of urban development, especially subsequent to the new international airport.

In need to repair the collectivity of space and to re-build informal public places of our era, besides its main functions, every building should serve as a social entity as well. The site is already crossed by the inhabitants as an opening connecting the residential area to the nearby shopping facility, despite the inconvenient dirt footpath. The new building will cut through by establishing a regular route on the same direction and also will offer piazzas before entering the facility. Hence, the alley between two low-rise masses will generate a lively atmosphere for the users of the building as well.

8 meters difference in elevation of the site is benefited in the form of an amphitheatre where at both end cafes and seating capacities placed. Besides, corners of the buildings are reserved for small shopping. The pedestrian route through the complex is intended to encourage passing and community interaction.

Soft curves of each two building, location of spaces and their connection arcs create an elegant flow; the major reason of the form comes from the idea of breaking the strong north-east wind. Curvilinear parallel facades of the two buildings produce a semi-sheltered, 20 meters wide pedestrian link that forms an integral part of the network of neighborhood connections.

Conceptually the building is a permeable and transparent interactive workspace with the choice of visibility. The southern facade of the front building is protected from strong sun beams by using the vertical slabs more frequently, in that term, the rear building benefits the shade of the front building which is lower. The facades of the buildings are more extrovert to each other then to the sides overlooking the -yet unpleasant - surroundings, which, at the same time, preserve the privacy of the building users. 

Above the Pegasus office which has a direct entrance at the street level, there are office floors of the ESAS. The uppermost floors of the rear building is designed as residential units between 60 to 120 sqms, most probably to be rented by airline professionals and long-term visitors. The facing building will be let for other offices.

Next to the balconies and terraces, each of the buildings has high atriums with open roofs that grant natural air and optimum daylight at interiors. At the ground floors, these atriums serve as patios to meet and relax.

The roof of Pegasus is designed as a roof garden that is located in front of the communal area of the residential floors, housing gym and the spa.

One of the attraction points of the modest complex is the “simulation zone” which is located below ground at the upper elevation; having transparent glass openings on top, the curious passer-bys are welcome to take a look at.

Aiming a flexible work and living atmosphere, supported by the common spaces like cafes and seating areas, the outward and welcoming orientation of the building will make a significant contribution to the district. The new development also aims to establish a high-quality sample to spread in close vicinity, in terms of contemporary architecture, urban solutions, life-style and the beautification of the district.

Site Area: 10.350m2
Construction Area: 55.360m2
2010 / istanbul