Hannover Expo 2000 Turkish Pavilion is a building that is designed in order to be able to reflect both the technological perspective, which is being improved every passing day over the existing cultural riches, and the modern life philosophy to its visitors with a variety of effective messages in a very short time interval.

Today’s viewpoint of global construction exposes a philosophy that is based on natural materials, transparent construction, high technology and recyclable structures.

Consequently, this philosophy formed the main design principles of this building, which symbolizes the continuity of the prosperous Anatolian culture together with a contemporary perception. This transparent technological structure, with its 60m x 21m x 13m (L x B x H) dimensions, is designed with a steel construction technique. The Pavilion is made up of five main cubes and has got modernised glass pyramids on its roof. 

When Hannover Expo 2000 is examined from the outside, it can be seen that three sides of the building is surrounded by pools that symbolizes Turkey’s geographical location. The fašade is designed as a transparent glass. The wooden lattice in front of the building, one of the significant elements of Turkish architecture, is modernised with the understanding of contemporary technology and used in front of the glass fašade, which was designed for controlling the light. 

This lattice was torn apart in order to have the bridge, which takes place behind it, to be perceived from outside and constitutes one of the main design elements. This bridge is the representation of cultural heritage that has been inherited by us from 9000 years old civilizations of different eras. 

Such bridge is also a symbol of a tie between the soil and culture moulded on our land for a variety of time and our civilization approaching to the next millennium. Civilizations, are expressed in various stages in the interior of the pavilion parallel to this bridge.  Such stages also reflect different cultural strata. Expressed with symbolised objects, the images reflected onto a huge screen emerging from water by the end of such strata will be one of the major focal points of the visual show presented to the visitors. This huge show, at the same time, will be strengthened and emphasized with the music and natural fragrances from our Anatolia that would be emitted in the hall, causing visitors review any notions that they know or not know regarding real Turkey.

The Turkish sunshine will be expressed by means of special illumination effects created right after entering to the building and the landscaped areas in the interior will be planted with plants and flowers brought from our country to integrate with such a lively atmosphere. The purpose is to express Turkey to the visitors with its varied cultural treasures, natural beauties and the modern face it has achieved as a result of all the foregoing.

Site Area : 2.400m▓
Construction Area : 1.943m▓
2000 / hannover