Fly Inn Shopping Center has been designed on a corner area on the road connecting Yesilkoy and Florya, on a 7.151m▓ land, with a total construction area of 36.733m▓.

The building consists of two levels of shopping areas and movie theatres on the ground level, and a shopping level, a supermarket level and three levels for parking under the ground.

In the building, which is designed to have a U-shape, the atrium has views to the Yesilkoy Ataturk Airport. Thanks to the transparency, the planes landing and taking off can be seen on the taxiway.

Other than the fašade and the roof of the Atrium, metal panels have been designed as a second fašade. This second shell will allow the sunrays to enter the main building in a controlled manner.

The common area will be surrounded by various stores, and will be used for several purposes.
This location will be connected to the supermarket level at minus 2 via elevators, and to the car park levels via travelators.

The first floor is reserved for movie theatres and the food court.

The outer shell of the building places emphasis on sufficient internal and external connections. The underlying design decision is to build a centre in constant connection with the outer world instead of building a closed shopping box.

The shops following the same fashion after this main decision will enable the building to be very different from the other ones.

The sections that need to remain covered on the fašade will be coated with horizontal metal panels, and the glass areas have been diversified with metal sun reflectors depending on the direction of the sun or where visuality is emphasized.

The entrance of the building is not the midpoint of this U-shape, but on the fašade connecting to the walking axis from Florya. The entrance area consists of two-storey, and a steel bridge connects the movie foyer of the first level to the common area.

Furthermore, a second entrance has been made in the minus one level, and therefore to the supermarket, from the other fašade of the building.

There is a service and a car park entrance on the minus two level of the same fašade.

Site Area: 7.151m▓
Construction Area: 40.000m▓
2003 / istanbul