As a major metropolitan city of the world, Istanbul has great importance and a unique place due to its location, historical character and cultural background.

It stands as a preeminent center of culture, tourism and trade of both the East and the West.

Located at a very crucial point in Istanbul, and having survived many centuries as the gate to the sea, the GalataPort will reclaim various functions with the new project, and will complement an additional value to Istanbul as a center of culture, tourism and commerce.

GalataPort project covers over 1.2 km zone with an open area of 100,000 m2 and a construction area of 151,665 m2, where the existing buildings will be harmoniously renovated respecting their authentic forms and acquire new functions.

As a result, when the project is completed, Galata will be integrated with Beyoglu, and this very precious part of the Bosphorus will enjoy a brand new aesthetic value and further contribute to Istanbul.

Currently, The Turkish Maritime Lines (TDI) serves 126 liners and 110,902 passengers a year with its existing facilities that are not satisfactory in serving especially cruise passengers. Also, customs formalities are handled in a low-profile manner due to long-lasting palliative solutions. The facilities need to improve for Turkey’s international image as well.

Moreover, the shoreline is presently not open to the access of the people of Istanbul.

When this project is realized, the number of cruise liners will increase as the project facilitates the passage and modernizes the environment of the new port; the quality and number of tourists who arrive on such liners will significantly improve. As an eventual consequence, the new functions of the zone will not only bring great financial profits but also visitors will feel the contemporary development of Istanbul soon after their arrival.

The architectural design takes in to account all the functions that will provide commercial income in the 1.2 km shoreline, which is outside the customs zone.

Both the tourists and the natives of Istanbul will be able to benefit from the offered resources on a 24-hours basis throughout the year.

An art museum, hotels, restaurants, bars, fast food joints, all kinds of souvenir shops, shopping centers, office spaces, exhibition and fair areas, car parks and various sales points will ensure an accountable return as a result of the project.

The realization of GalataPort Project will generate a further advantage in employment opportunities.

Only an international consortium can realize a project of this scale. Starting from the launching phase of the project, by the participation of famous companies, the national and international press coverage will add to Turkey’s international image and reputation. Furthermore, the project will allow a notable income in the national economy.

Site Area: 100.000 mē
Construction Area: 151.665 mē
2001 / istanbul