The building complex becomes a natural harbor for the presidential
meetings providing a serene and secure atmosphere. The construction
joins separate units like gathering strong collective identities of divers
nations, solving the needs of statesmen's assemblies and associated
events. The units of the complex connected via water and bridges
linking the separate blocks accentuate notions of the community's
foundation-creation, duration-continuity and harmony-order, in both
social and environmental realms.

The twisted blades forming the texture of the mesh screen behaves like
sun-break and grants a shady interior without hindering the accent of
transparency. The building with its elegant veil visually merges to the
surrounding water and creates eternal reflections over the water.

Through the placement of panels in variations at different levels and
angles, the facade is perceived as an assortment of playful geometries
glittering with day light, echoing the colors and tones of the sky.

The three-dimensional effect of the mesh curtain grants the building a
feeling of floating expression over the surrounding reflection pool which
becomes a dramatic illustration with the sea breeze gliding through the
facades. At night, when interiors are illuminated, the oozing beams
through incise patterns become even more playful on the water.

Entering the complex is made possible at all sides. Presidential entrance
directs to the main conference hall, where 1500 delegates can gather.
The public entrances are given through the public restaurant and before
the open-air fair zone, adjacent to the press & administration building.
The VIP entrance is from the east end of the complex, between the
museum unit and the VIP unit, which is a separate block linked to the
main hall via transparent connection bridge; the upper level is reserved
only for the President of Senegal.

Site Area: 528.000 m2
Construction Area: 16.270 m2
2013 / dakar