Motorway direction signs, illuminated petrol station signs, gigantic internally illuminated advertising hoardings, corporate symbols, internationally recognised logos and customised shop fascias. Intended to inform, sometimes intrusive, occasionally amusing, frequently flamboyant, often mundane, at times provocative, they are rarely unnoticed. For better or worse, signs in their multifarious colourful forms are an integral part of urban life and a signifier of the spread of global capitalism

The Nova Factory and Office building is the headquarters of Turkey’s largest manufacturer of large-format illuminated and non-illuminated signage. The ‘L-shaped’ plan utilises a simple orthogonal structure with a three-storey office building incorporating showrooms and staff and visitor restaurants, fronting the flat-roofed production space. A subtle curve is introduced in the main fašade, a ‘trace’ of a wheel, alluding to the fact that the founder of Nova was formerly one of Turkey’s most accomplished motor-rally drivers.

Raw materials enter the factory from the western end and exit as finished products from the eastern loading dock. The production space houses a number of assembly lines where a diverse range of materials - plastics, aluminium, GRP and steel - are assembled into individual signs. Rooflights relate to the layout of ‘tezgahs’ or work tables, so that much of the work is done in natural light.

Cladding materials are principally glass and insulated metal panels. It is intended that the logos of Nova’s principle clients should be incorporated on the fašade. On the south-facing elevation a combination of horizontal louvres, internal screens, double-glazing and blinds control the internal environment. Office partition walls perpendicular to the fašade are rendered in primary colours.

Conceptually the building is itself a sign, a vast hoarding and an advertisement for the quality of the Nova product.

Site Area: 39.000 m▓
Construction Area: 28.000 m▓
2004 / istanbul