The metropolis of the Black Sea Region of Turkey, Samsun is a seaboard city, the Northern gateway of the country in terms of trade and culture. Composed of diverse people and cultures with a population of 1,210,000. Economic activities being community work, wholesale-retail trade, manufacturing industry, agriculture, tourism building and financial services, the city has an affluent society. Active Blue Current natural gas line and projected Samsun-Ceyhan will contribute to economical and social life of the city in the near future. Samsun International Airport has an annual capacity of 2 million passengers, with an additional air cargo unit, besides railway and highway connections to the inland. Relying on the protection of mountains parallel to the sea and located between the two significant rivers, Yesilirmak and Kizilirmak, Samsun rises on a fertile green land. Rich in water and other natural resources, the climate is rather mild for all seasons. The city bears the trace of its strong historical background; it is also significant for the establishment of The Republic as Ataturk started the journey towards the War of Independence in this city. 19 Mayis University brings a more dynamic and young character to the city life. Around 100.000 tourists visit the city annually, where the bed capacity is nearly 2500, and it’s open to development as an alternative destination with its natural beauties to be explored, as well as the historical heritage. Challenging renovation projects like Samsun Regie, the tobacco factory to be transformed into a culture and tourism facility, will revive the values of the city whist new investments open up new prospects.

The complex is located on a 34.096 m▓ land, between Ulus and Carsamba Streets. The site is parallel to Ataturk Highway, which connects the airport to the city center on the Westside, also parallel to the railway, by the Blacksea coast, that reaches out to inland. A light rail system is planned for the close future; for the time being, the means of access is the local “dolmus” system and busses.
Positioned by the impressive Black Sea, water and its moves have been a strong element in the concept design process.

The Black Sea Coastal Highway, which has been under construction for 20 years and opened in 2007, is the other strong reference point punctuating the fast flow and the speed. The mall and the hotel, completely equipped for urban life, compose an extraordinary "Living Construction" which overcomes the contrast between "stable" and "temporary" that necessarily emerges from the rapidly transforming life-styles of our times.

The highway passes through six provinces and 63 towns in the Black Sea region and connects the city to the inland, providing easy access to almost 8 million people living in the neighboring cities.

Samsun is an important coastal city, as well as being a maritime commerce zone connected to railways, airways and highways; projects are to welcome overseas visitors by boat from other countries having a coast on the Black Sea such as Ukraine, Russia and Georgia.  The idea is reflected on the concept in terms of “trade flows” and “the flow of people”.

The building, especially its fašade, gains a dynamic and interactive expression relating to the water, highway and flow entities.

The ambiance of the facility, in terms of appearance and functions, is harmonized with its environment and synchronized with the developments of the city of Samsun.
As one of the main architectural structures, the roof mimics the boat hull and the fishbone, the essentials of the region.
The hotel form and the fašade reflect the random drops of strong Black Sea rain. Besides, the smooth form of water flow applied for the floor plans provides maximum sea-view at all rooms.
The hotel, retail and recreation complex that reflects the contemporary aspects of the city, will rise as the symbol of anticipated progress and transformation process of the city of Samsun.  Behind the redesigned park, the site used to be occupied by fruit & vegetable market and central bus station, which both moved to their new locations. The zone behind the site is another gentrification area, which currently acts as the trade and industry zone. Mert River, reaches the sea at the west of the site, frames the complex at one end while the hotel rises on the more quiet, eastern side of the premises.

The emerging mixed-use project proliferate the social life via creative expertise to fit the challenges of transforming city. The first floor of the 13-floor hotel (14.500 m▓ above the ground) is at level 30m; The function of 156-room five-star hotel will be enriched with the shopping mall linked to the hotel building in order that not only the visitors but also the citizens will benefit the hotel facilities such as swimming pool, fitness center, ballroom, conference halls and meeting rooms, high quality restaurants especially the roof restaurant with a 360 degree vista. 

The shopping and recreation zone expands below the hotel as an integral block, overlooking the Black Sea and benefiting the landscape. The top floor of the 4-floor shopping unit is reserved as food-court and entertainment, where maximum view is granted, in addition, the cinemas are at this section. Terraces serve as open-air lounges where visitors enjoy the panorama. First and second floors are designed for retail functions, housing different brands of department stores and boutique shopping. The hypermarket and some other retail facilities are placed at the ground floor where alternative direct entrances are provided. The Gross Lettable Area for shops is 62.000 m▓.

Due to transparency and special placement, all circulation areas, as well as shopping components, benefit the daylight and the scenery at the best.  A variety of signages, graphic designs and colors featuring the brands in the mall juice up the building fašade.

An underground car park at the first and second basement will serve 1750 cars for the shoppers and the guests, besides the main car entrances on Carsamba St. and Ulus. Str., pedestrian entry is possible on Carsamba Street, next to the Hotel entrance.

With a 150.000 m▓ total construction area, the immense complex is innovation tailored.  Walkable mixed-use neighborhood will create a new meeting point for the citizens. The new urban approach promotes a pedestrian-friendly structure, with the high-rise hotel building being the landmark entering the city. The project will be the gateway to the boom town, Samsun.

Site Area: 34.096 m▓
Construction Area: 153.068 m▓
2013 / samsun