Multi-storey high-rise office tower is located at the financial district of Istanbul housing alternative office units of Ziraat Bank of Turkey (state-owned agriculture bank), to be their symbolic structure first time in  Istanbul.

The building consist of a 153 meter major office tower with 31 office floors linked  to the ground-scraper with  4 floors, relevant to the geometrical contours of the long-thin property. Being the back wing at street level and above, the low-rise intersects the high rise with double height atrium and communal meeting areas. The low rise wing also houses other social functions such as small shopping facilities, day-care center, gym and cafes.

The dynamic architectural manner in the main structure, with reference the logo of the bank; also gives form to the uniquely situated stories and compartments that punctuate the individuality of the units which are basically programmed around an atrium that becomes the shared area of the department. Depending on the different zone plans, the atriums are double or three-storey height; there are also choices of single floors. In the tower, green zones, designed as small courtyards in the atriums, provide a warm, natural and authentic atmosphere at the upper levels where people meet besides their offices.

In the tower, the composite structure of steel and concrete is enveloped with sheer glass, benefiting the daylight and panoramas at optimum while smoothly joining the cityscape. Contrary to the glass use on the fašade of the tower, massive surface of the ground scraper receives daylight through recurrent openings.

Chapters in altering forms, located at various levels and directions of the building, open to different vistas, so that every single space has its genuine position in the building scenario. Due to angled fašades and forms, the building gives distinct impressions at different perspectives.

Site Area: 6.760m▓
Construction Area: 63.295m▓
2010 / istanbul