Zorlu Land, is opened for an international competition. 117 companies applied to the Zorlu Center Architecture and Urban Design Competition started in June 2007 and concluded in 2008 by Zorlu Real Estate. 13 international architecture offices have been entitled to participate in the second stage. After the final evaluation Tabanlioglu Project is selected as the co-winner of the competition.

Designing the competition project, the geometric features of the land are preserved and enhanced by dissimilar triangles forming the outer and inner surface of the shell in combination with the triangular forms of the blocks.

The shell roofs the retail and recreation zone as well as the convention hall; through the rips on the landscaped surface, the sunken floors benefit the daylight.

The hard and soft landscape compositions of triangles interlace the landscape-roof, which is the footing of the public space, an urban terrace opening to Bosphorus. The roof of the construction becomes the floor of the center.

The hills of the city offer different perspectives of the history, culture, geography and architecture and they create natural neighborhoods. The hills are alive at Zorlu complex; like the hills actually ranging in elevation, 6 dissimilar crystalline towers with special functions and offering 360-degree panorama of the city, unite the cityscape, as well as melting in the dramatic silhouette of the Bosphorus.

5 Triplet towers and a twin tower are designed as triangular prisms as a re-descriptive application of triangle as a model. Framed in a glass skin, the crystalline towers in concert create a visualization of crystal configurations; dissimilar triangular prisms of various heights and positions build up dynamic crossings with reference to nature of contemporary architecture. Aware of the coexistence situations of the mixture and being a feature of urban fabric, each tower respects the other and rises without hindering others vista opening to various angles of the city. The transparent figures join the city not as an elegant sculpture but also as a communicative social entity.

Three residential blocks, a lifestyle and a convention hotel, and an office block are positioned bordering the landscaped plaza, above a sunken zone with open, semi-open and closed retail areas and entertainment facilities in addition to the convention hall situated below the two hotels.

The main principle behind the structure is to mimic the behavior of natural crystals. The ambition behind the chosen structural system is to mimic the growth principles of crystals into overall project, done through the design of the roof, towers and the podium. The tower structure starts from the basements, peaking through the roof, which is merged as facade of the buildings.

Vibrant, transparent, multifaceted structures, urban architectural finishes and free-form living spaces provide the sensitive, style-conscious resident and visitor a compelling alternative atmosphere.

The project, a dynamic and impressive gateway, will redefine the experience of contemporary downtown urban living. The mix-use project with wide public spaces and grand-scale buildings, elements of urban and architectural qualities to create a 21st century modern city without compromising the outstanding universal values of Istanbul, is a landmark at the European crossing point.

Site Area: 96.505 mē
Construction Area: 585.000 mē
2007 / istanbul